torsdag 13 februari 2014

The Kaiser files

Band: Kaiser.
Status: Terminated. 
Location: Gothenburg Sweden and Germany Berlin.
Genre: Kraut Thrash.
Number of songs recorded: Only Satan and Angela Merkel knows.
Members: Dano (vocals), El Guapo (guitar), Marv (bass), Tobias (drums), Heinrich (drums), Peter (drums) and Thomas (drums).

Memorable live gigs: Sticky Fingers, Belsepub, Truckstop Alaska, Rio Rio, Kårkällar’n, Win-Win, La Cupole and some stinking shit hole in Trollhättan.

Implemented laws and principles: Deutche code*, valid** vs. not valid***.

*Deutche code: Either you get it or you don't.
**Valid: Free beer, food and a nice backstage area for Kaiser.
***Not valid: Brake failure on Kaisers Citroen (piece of shit) after rehersal.

A selection of epic Kaiser tracks:

Assorted pics from touring, recording, rehearsing and some other stuff:

kaiser belsepub 1kaiser belsepub 3kaiser belsepub 4

gearkaiser belsepub 5kaiser belsepub 6

kaiser belsepub 7kaiser belsepub 8kaiser belsepub 9

kaiser flyerkaiser jacket 2kaiser jacket 1

kaiser kårkällaren 3kaiser kårkällaren 2kaiser riorio 2

kaiser riorio 4kaiser riorio 1kaiser riorio 3

kaiser riorio 5kaiser studio 1kaiser studio 2

kaiser studio 3kaiser studio 5kaiser studio 4

kaiser marvkaiser nacksving 2kaiser nacksving 4

kaiser nacksving 5kaiser replokalkaiser la cupole 1

kaiser studio 6kaiser truckstop alaskaset list

I hope that you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

A mega thank you to all of you who supported Kaiser and attended the gigs, you know who you are!

© 2014 Kaiser (Gbg, Sweden)

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